2018Conference Audio

Your Family, God’s Way

The 2018 ACBC Africa Conference Your Family God’s Way Audio is available to listen download here. The 2018 Annual ACBC Africa Conference had the topic Your Family God’s Way. Joined by a number of speakers associated with ACBC, including Dr Tedd Tripp as the international speaker. The conference dealt with the various issues that concern the family, and how to deal with family problems God’s way. Note: most of the sessions were streamed live and the video is available on the ACBC Africa Youtube channel.

Audio Available for Download

Click “Download” to download the audio file for each session.

  • Wayne Mack – Mothering God’s Way – The Fulfilled and Fulfilling Mother | Download
  • Shelbi Cullen – Loving Your Children God’s Way | Download
  • Beth de Swardt – Mothering God’s Way – Mothering that Reaches the Heart | Download
  • Carol Mack – Helping Mother’s Handle the Stress of Parenting | Download
  • Wayne Mack – Fathering God’s Way: God’s Kind of Father | Download
  • Alan Lester – Fathering God’s Way: Cultivating a Father’s Heart | Download
  • Sybrand de Swardt – Fathering God’s Way: How to Parent in the 21st Century  | Download
  • Andrew Isiaho – Fathering God’s Way: How to Help Our Boys Transition to Manhood | Download