About ACBC Africa

What is ACBC Africa?

ACBC Africa is a branch of ACBC founded in the United States over forty years ago. ACBC functions primarily as an international accreditation body that seeks to maintain doctrinal integrity, and promote excellence in Biblical Counselling, through training and certifying Biblical Counsellors. This certification process involves three phases:


In-depth training through SMTI or any ACBC certified training centre.


Completion of the ACBC Exams and Application Form


Supervised counselling hours with an ACBC certified fellow

The overarching vision of ACBC Africa is the establishment and improvement of the quality of counselling in biblically based churches in Africa. This will strengthen Christian lives and influence the communities and countries where these churches minister the gospel.

ACBC Africa exalt Christ in His greatness and majesty, by its commitment to the inspiration, inerracy and sufficiency of Scripture. We believe Scripture informs the focus of our lives and not man’s personal success. According to Scripture, man’s fulfilment and satisfaction are found in fellowship with Christ. Therefore, with the Scriptures, and in conjunction with the Holy Spirit and care of the church body, we seek to point man to Christ for their every spiritual and emotional problem.