ACBC Africa exists to encourage quality biblical counselling in Africa by training and certifying competent biblical counsellors in local churches.

Introduction to the Association of Certified Biblical Counsellors (ACBC Africa)

Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome, “I myself am satisfied about you, my brothers, that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge and able to instruct one another.” He was confident that the Christians in Rome were mature enough to counsel one another. What about you and your local church? Are you able to help your church members (and unbelievers) who are struggling with life-dominating sins such as severe depression, marriage problems, extreme anxiety or anger problems? If not, then the Association of Certified Biblical Counsellors (ACBC Africa) may be for you.


ACBC Africa’s vision will be accomplished through an endeavour to give, passionate and gifted African citizens an opportunity to be formally trained and equipped in the field of biblical counselling. The training will be at a degree level of Master of Arts, partnering with institutions that share the same convictions and vision.

The overarching vision of ACBC Africa is the establishment and improvement of the quality of counselling in biblically based churches in Africa. This will strengthen Christians’ lives and influence in the communities and countries where these churches minister the Gospel.

ACBC Africa exalts Christ in His greatness and majesty. The primary focus of Scripture is the exaltation of Christ and not man’s personal success. Man’s fulfilment and satisfaction is found in fellowship with Christ. The Scriptures in conjunction with the Holy Spirit and the care of the church body are sufficient for growth and every spiritual and emotional problem. We are committed to the inspiration, inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture. As such the integration of the concepts and techniques of secular psychology is unnecessary and in the end unfruitful.

What are the benefits of being a member of ACBC Africa?

  • To grow in the conviction that God’s Word is sufficient to counsel people on all of life’s issues and non-physical problems.
  • To be trained and equipped to become a competent biblical counsellor.
  • To be connected to institutions in the USA such as The Master’s College, Southern Seminary and Faith Bible Seminary with whom one can receive further training and a Master of Arts in Biblical Counselling.
  • To be equipped for more effective person-to-person discipleship.

ACBC Africa is led by Dr. Wayne Mack who was part of ACBC since its beginning in the 1970’s and served on its board from its inception until he came to South Africa at the end of 2005. ACBC was previously known as the National Association of Nouthetic Counsellors (NANC). From 1958 to 1976 Wayne served as a pastor in local churches. From 1976 to 2004 he taught college and graduate school courses in biblical counselling at The Master’s College and Seminary; Westminster Theological Seminary, Biblical Seminary and the Christian Counselling and Educational Foundation. He has written more than 24 books including Strengthening Your Marriage; Your Family God’s Way; Preparing for Marriage God’s Way; Sweethearts for A Lifetime; Homework Manual for Biblical Living, Volumes 1 and 2 and 3; Life in the Father’s House; An Introduction to Biblical Counselling (with John MacArthur); Twin Pillars of the Christian Life; The Role of Women in the Church; God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems; The Fear Factor; Down But Not Out; Out of the Blues; Anger and Stress Management God’s Way; True Success and How to Attain It; To Be or Not To Be a Church Member: That is the Question; Humility: A Forgotten Virtue; A Fight to the Death; Reaching the Ear of God; Maximum Impact; In Laws: Married with Parents; The Biblical Concept of Church Discipline; To God Be The Glory; You Can Overcome Interpersonal Problems; How to Overcome Despondency. Wayne has also contributed chapters to the book The Sufficiency of Scripture and several other books including a Men’s Counselling Men book published by Harvest house Publishers. Wayne has produced numerous audio and video tapes on various subjects. Included among the audio and video tapes on various subjects are many entire counselling courses and Christian Living Courses. All of these are available and are distributed by or . Upon his arrival in South Africa he started to train both pastors and lay-men from churches in South Africa and neighbouring African countries. Dr. Wayne Mack is currently the Director and Co-founder of ACBC Africa together with other godly, highly qualified and experienced men in this field of biblical counselling.