2017 Conference Audio

Racism : When Colour Divides

In 2017 ACBC Africa hosted our third annual conference in Pretoria, Gauteng at Lynnwood Baptist Church. The topic for the conference was Racism: When Colour Divides. During the conference all sessions were recorded and are available now.

Audio Available for Download

Click “Download” to download the audio file for each session.

  • Wayne Mack – The Ultimate Answer to the Problem of Racism | Download
  • Charles Ware – One Race, One Blood | Download
  • Neil Henry – The Sovereignty of God and Its Relation to Racism | Download
  • Tim Cantrell – Interracial Marriage and the Bible Who Can I Marry | Download
  • Wayne Mack – Should Every Church Have a Counselling Centre | Download
  • Nicolas Ellen – The Fear of Man and Racism | Download
  • Charles Ware – God’s Reconciliation At Christ’s Expense | Download
  • Neil Henry – Personal Testimony of Someone Who Has Either Seen or Experienced Racism | Download
  • Nicolas Ellen – Race and the Local Church | Download
  • Ronald Kalifungwa – Creation and Racism | Download
  • Sybrand de Swardt – Motivates Prejudice and Racism | Part 1 Download
  • Joshua Mack  – Counselling People You Don’t Like | Download
  • Neil Anderson – Cross-Cultural Counselling | Download
  • Charles Ware – How the Bible Has Been Misinterpreted to Justify Racism Download
  • Josh Mack – How Can People Who Have More Advantages Assist People Who Have Less | Download
  • Martyn Beets – Wrong Approaches to Solving the Problem of Racism | Download
  • Nicolas Ellen – Practical Skills for Developing Deep Cross-Cultural Relationships | Download
  • Neil Henry – Aiming for Multi-Ethnic Congregations That Glorify the Power of the Gospel | Download