2015 Conference Audio

Sex as God Intended

In 2015 ACBC Africa hosted the first Annual conference. The topic for the conference was Sex as God Intended. Helping believers understand what the Bible teaches about sex, equipping them with practical strategies for honouring God with their sexuality, and training them how to help others who are struggling to be obedient to God in this area of their lives.

    Audio Available for Download

    During the conference all sessions were recorded and are available now. Click on one of the sessions listed below to download.

      • Wayne Mack – Sex as God intended it | Part 1 Download
      • Wayne MackSex as God intended it  | Part 2 Download
      • Sybrand de Swardt – How to escape the prison of pornography | Part 1 Download
      • Tim Cantrell – How to get up when you’ve fallen | Download
      • Tim Cantrell – Help with homosexual inclinations | Download
      • Josh Mack – Pastor, purity, and pleasure | Download
      • Beth de SwardtHelping your husband who struggles with porn | Download
      • Josh MackHelping your children understand sex as God intended it | Download
      • Wayne Mack – Essentials of maintaining sexual purity in an impure world | Download
      • Josh Mack – Overcoming Sexual Temptation | Download
      • Josh Mack – Overcoming Sexual Temptation Q&A | Download