2018 ACBC Africa Your Family God’s Way

This year we are focusing on key issues that will assist individuals and churches, pastors and parishioners to develop the kinds of marriages and families that will bring joy to people so that they will have more biblical, joyful, personally satisfying and God glorifying marriages and families.

Please join us via the livestream below for our Pastor’s Pre-Conference, Women’s Pre-Conference and Pretoria Conference!

Pastor’s Pre-Conference, with Tedd Tripp: Tuesday, 16 October. 9:00-12:00.
Women’s Pre-Conference, with Margy Tripp: Wednesday, 17 October. 9:00-12:00.
Pretoria Your Family God’s Way Conference: 17 October – 22 October.
Lynnwood Baptist Church, Pretoria
2018 Conference Video
2018 Conference Audio